Our Business Model

Our Business Model

Remote Insourcing – (Outsourcing to Insource)

Remote In-Sourcing, (also known as Team Extension) – is a new business model, and an innovative business philosophy that allows clients to have dedicated teams (or employees) working as a true extension of its in-house staff.

Remote Insourcing, is similar to OutStaffing, where one company provides employees to another company – to help carry out specific assignments within set guidelines, budget and time constraints. It consequently allow Clients to increase corporate team with ‘Additional Specialists’ without the necessity to hire them permanently. The Provider takes care of all IT, HR, administrative and legal issues – so that the Client can concentrate on the Team’s Work and Business Development.

Globally, Companies Insource-Remotely for non-core activities; to allow them focus on their core competencies – while letting the Outsourced performance-experts to implement In-house Practices, and Systems that stimulate businesses to scale efficiently without adding staff!

As a Post Covid-19 Recovery Strategy, iBlocks Africa leverages Innovative Cutting-Edge Technology Solutions, and its robust Human Capital – to create and operate remote Information Technology Teams which, ON THE BUSINESS SIDE, COMPLETELY BELONG TO A CLIENT while REMAINING iBlocks Africa’s EMPLOYEES ON THE LOGISTICAL AND OPERATIONAL SIDE.

We aim at Empowering SMEs and emerging Enterprises in Africa, towards embracing Tailor-made Technology Solutions to help accelerate Business Growth.

Why Remote In-Sourcing ?

Experiences in Outsourcing Industry shows that, too often, Low-Risk options are Expensive, and Low-Cost options are too risky!

In order to offer something different that would combine the best of both models, Technology Industry Experts deliberatively roots for ‘Remote Insourcing Model’ as new paradigm to help eliminate all Outsourcing risks while providing cost effective solutions to clients.

The model is specially designed for small and medium size businesses to enable them to gain competitive advantages of globalization and global labor and service markets. It’s an extremely flexible and scalable option that allows Corporates to expand or scale down the number of their team members.

iBlocks Africa on its part uses individual approach to every client in order to fully understand client needs and respond with exactly needed resources. Our primary goal is to build a long lasting partnerships in which we grow together.

Remote In-Sourcing® is a unique offering, distinguished from a variety of similar sourcing models present on the market, by many factors including:

Building a long term organization, not a project team;
100% match of Client’s needs and resources provided, not a compromise between needs and past vendor experience;
A true partner relationship, not a client-vendor one;
Building an effective organization armed by proper processes, not a simple staff augmentation service;
Building an effective organization armed by proper processes, not a simple staff augmentation service;
Talking about Client’s business needs and strategic development, not a particular project or quick fix.

Advantages of Remote Insourcing

We build and deliver innovative products for Corporates and Service Providers that address a spectrum of performance and analytics, risk, data, regulatory and investor reporting needs.

i. Employers have control over the staff.

Unlike outsourcing where a third-party organization has control of the staff, remote insourcing allows employers to supervise the staff directly. As you have direct supervision, your company’s processes remain the same ensuring smooth flow of work and better results. Additionally, your management can monitor staff productivity and daily activities through your preferred communication tool.

ii. The staff is handpicked by the employer.

It is such an advantage for employers to know who they are hiring. With insourcing, you get to choose who works for you. Potential candidates are pooled and presented to you for review, allowing you to check their background and qualifications and determine whether they have the right level of experience or skill set for a project.

iii. Office facilities and equipment are provided.

Because your staff will be working remotely, an office facility will be provided complete with computers, software and other equipment necessary for a project. You won’t have to worry about rental costs or finding office space.

iv. Any requirements will be taken care of.

When you insource talents, everything will be arranged for you including government requirements, medical benefits and legal documents. This saves you from doing a lot of work such as processing paperwork and other transactions which may take time.

v. Significant savings are gained.

With facilities, employee benefits and other requirements arranged for you, you get to save up to 60% on costs every month. Insourcing provides the talent pool you need for a project but with reduced cost.

Before you decide to insource, you need to define your business goals first. This will enable you to determine the type of people you need and it will help your insourcing company identify the most fitting solution necessary for your growth.

Once you’re ready, iBlocks Africa can build a team of experienced and skilled individuals who can work on your project.

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