Corporate Capacity Building

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Corporate Capacity Building

Capacity building is the process of developing an organization’s strength and sustainability. More than just important, it’s essential for your nonprofit’s health and longevity. Capacity building enables you to focus on your mission — not simply on survival. iBlocksAfrica progressively works with SMEs in building intrinsic capacity.


What - capacity building entails
Definitively, capacity building is a measurable improvement in an organization’s ability to fulfill its mission through a blend of sound management, strong governance, and dedication to assessing and achieving results.

iBlock Africa applies proved and tested methods in capacity building specifically to strengthen:

  • Organizational infrastructure. This includes things like facilities (both workplaces and service locations), equipment (computers and other technology, office supplies, equipment essential to services) and workplace operations (such as payroll and accounting).
  • Management and governance. This refers to your nonprofit’s board and executives.
  • Staff capacity. This includes education and professional development.

Meticulously focusing and integrating the following into subject organization:-

Back Office/Customer Support.
Corporate ICT Training
Technology Audits and Assessments
Big Data Analytics, and Digital Marketing
Project Management
Why capacity building matters
Improving management practices is a well-accepted tenet in the business world. However, the practice has traditionally gotten short shrift in the nonprofit realm, where the focus has more often been on projects rather than infrastructure.

Without capacity building, you run the risk of focusing all of your energy and attention on providing services and expanding projects. This lack of a strong foundation may lead to organizational instability, which might appear in old and deteriorating equipment, poor communication between leadership and staff, and “mission drift” — a loss of focus on your nonprofit’s founding principles.

Don’t make the mistake of being so absorbed in seeking support for your signature program that you fail to assess whether the program is functioning as well as it could — or even if it’s the best vehicle to achieve your nonprofit’s goals in the long run.

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