ICT4D and Consultancies

ICT4D and Consultancies

ICT4D (Information and Communications Technologies for Development) and Consultancies
ICT4D  is an initiative aimed at bridging the digital divide (the disparity between technological “have” and “have not” geographic locations or demographic groups) and aiding economic development by ensuring equitable access to up-to-date communications to up-to-date communications technologies. The United Nations, through its UN Development Programme, actively promotes ICT4D as a powerful tool for economic and social development around the world.
Our ICT4D approach and strategies include:
Mobile Money Integrations, and FinTech Solutions

Developing and integrating mobile money apps By giving for financial services providers a cheap way to outsource cash handling and deposit and withdrawal transactions, at lower cost per transaction and with a reduced investment in physical infrastructure; in conjunction with Fintech Solutions.

Logistics, Courier and InsureTech Applications

As the courier and logistics industry continues to evolve. Technology likewise continues to play a vital role in this evolutionary process. At iBlocksAfrica  we work with courier providers, using technology to improve their deliveries. Use of  GPS tracking systems,  radio frequency identification (RFID) and QR Codes  to track their shipments.

m-Farming, and Agri-Business Solutions

iBlocksAfrica offers comprehensive solutions for agribusiness to interact and transact with smallholder and commercial farmers in Africa. Implementation of digital platform that allows commercial farmers to view consolidated information across domains and suppliers. As well as smallholder farmers by digitizing the existing value chain.

Innovation Blocks Africa - Accelerating SMEs Digital Future
e-Health Applications and Health Management Systems

Health Management Information Systems (HMIS) is a data collection system specifically designed to support planning, management, and decision making in health facilities and organizations. eHealth applications are the software used to create, manage, and maintain data that is relevant to the patient or  a healthcare organization. iBlocksAfrica offers comprehensive solutions for the health industry.

e-Learning, and Education Management Systems

iBlocksAfrica Education Management Systems Software are bespoke solutions for educational institutions to make administration and control process simple and helps in decision making. We also  develop modern digital educational platforms that possess a rich set of functionality. It gives timely and accurate information related to each and every student, tutors, employees and other staff members.

ICT4D Potentials to your Organizations
Access and Connectivity to ICT are critical to the integration, developing and transition of economies into the global knowledge society. Access to ICT applications will encourage borderless international cooperation and global engagement in order to address major problems and challenges and enable enterprises, particularly SMEs.

Our ICT4D Initiatives addresses important challenges that the developing world is facing, such as the ‘brain drain’ problem, and offers solutions to problems encountered in important sectors such as health, education, agriculture, finance, civil protection, protection of the environment, etc.

Numerous Researches estimates that 40% of the world’s population has less than USD $20 per year to spend on phones and other gadgets (Hilbert, 2010), technology has the potential to bring so many advantages that civil society organizations (CSOs), and Corporates are working to bring ICT4D into the mainstream.

  • Create, share, and reference maps.

Geographic Information Systems lets you represent your data visually, make projections, and coordinate aid. Crowd-sourcing makes mapping interactive.

  • Training, and eLearning.

Internet and software-based learning can replace expensive in-person training workshops. The range of possibilities here runs from distance postgraduate degrees, to free online courses, to waterproof “talking books.”

  • Collect Data.

Use basic phones, smart phones, iPads, barcode scanners, cameras, video cameras, and voice recording tools and applications to collect, compile, and analyze quantitative and qualitative data and create automatic reports.

  • Communicate.

Use instant messaging, Twitter, and email to remind clients of their next vaccine appointment, to make announcements, to advocate for behavior change, and to provide confidential counseling to clients who are remote or otherwise unable to come into the health clinic.

  • Reach under-served populations.

In some countries, doctors and nurses are providing check-ups and consultations via video phone. In many places the radio and television are used to share key messages. Entire libraries can be contained on small disks or be accessed via a tablet computer and an internet connection. The ways ICT4D can serve the under-served is limited only by your imagination.

  • Send and receive Mobile Money.

Money kept in cell phone-based mobile bank accounts is increasingly accepted by vendors and is a quicker and safer alternative to cash payments. It is also helpful to people who cannot maintain a conventional bank account.

  • Support Economic Development.

Specialized software and an internet connection are almost all you need to record and sell music, run an import-export business, post vacancies and search for a job, network with people in your industry, research the market, seek out investors, and grow a value chain.

  • Provide Healthcare Services.

It is a challenge just to keep up with all the ICT-based innovations that are making healthcare safer and more affordable. This includes information management systems, algorithm software, improved laboratory techniques and testing, and technologies for safer deliveries.

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