- Software, and Mobile Apps’ Development.
- Business Process Automation Systems (BPAs).
- Customer Relationship Management Systems (CRMs).
- Enterprise Resource Planning (ERPs).
- E-commerce, and Online Stores Solutions.
..for Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs),
and Corporate Organizations
Tailor-Made Solutions... - Back Office/Customer Support.
- Corporate ICT Training.
- Technology Audits and Assessments.
- Big Data Analytics, and Digital Marketing
- Project Management.
Corporate Capacity Building
- Computational Fluid Dynamics (Fire and Smoke Modelling).
- Animations, and Process/Solutions Modelling.
- Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E).
- Research and Development (R&D).
- Telecommunications, Cabling and Networks
- Biometric Systems, and SMART Security Solutions
- Computer Hardware, and Servers
- Management Information Systems (MIS)
- Internet of Things
Solutions Modelling and Design Engineering - Mobile Money Integrations, and FinTech Solutions.
- Logistics, Courier and InsureTech Applications.
- m-Farming, and Agri-Business Solutions.
- e-Health Applications, and Health Management Systems.
- e-Learning, and Education Management Systems.
Innovation Blocks Africa - Accelerating SMEs Digital Future Technology Infrastructure ICT4D, and Consultancies Innovative Technology Solutions
Technology Solutions for
Sustainable Development
Leveraging ICT... Growth to Accelerate Businesses
... as Outsourcing is done remotely you have less control over the processes ... but with Remote Insourcing, it’s quite easy to Guide and Evaluate the quality of work done by the Internal Team.

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Outsourcing Taken to the Next Level
Our Business Model
Learn More Bridging the Digital Divide. ICT4D & Consultancies Information and Communications
Technologies for Development
Information and Communications
Technologies for Development
Information and Communications
Technologies for Development
Biometric Systems and SMART Security Solutions Biometrics, a method of establishing a person’s identity based on chemical, behavioral, or physical attributes of that person - across a wide range of applications! Innovations to empower African SMEs to move up the “financial services value chain.”
With technologies that have the potential to yield significant benefits for Businesses.
Mobile Money and
Fintech Applications

We are, iBlocks Africa!

…a leading Tailor-made Technology Solutions  provider – empowering Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Africa to leverage Homegrown Application Systems  in solving complex Industrial and Business Challenges.

Headquartered in Nairobi Kenya, Innovation Blocks Africa (iBlocks Africa) goes beyond the norms of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) to render Systems that help eliminate the various Outsourcing and Insourcing Bottlenecks. Conceptually, Remote Insourcing Model is adopted and championed as the corporate’s preferred approach for facilitating SMEs’ ICT Integrations.

We Strive for Excellence in everything we do; and our Cutting-edge Solutions are built to help deliver Sustainable Value, Speed and Flexibility.

Innovation Blocks Africa (iBlocks Africa) - Accelerating SMEs Digital Future

Solutions and Products

Services & Products Customizable to Specific business models and industry
Managed Services, Digital Marketing, Enterprise Software Solutions, Customer Support, Cabling and Networking Infrastructure and Dealership  of Main Brands, Technology Design, Development and Implementation, Re-Branding, and Retooling.

iBlocks Africa Drive

Tailor-made Technology Solutions for SMEs

One of the most defining characteristics of a thriving economy, is the Growth and Sustainability of its Small and Medium Enterprises sector.

The Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are widely acknowledged for their Strategic role in the Economic Development, Job Creation and Poverty Reduction – amongst the emerging and developing economies in Africa.

In a bid to help stimulate SMEs growth in the sub-Saharan Africa, iBlocks Africa roots for the adoption of Tailor-made Technology Solutions – to help stimulate Business Regeneration, and Innovations for Enterprise Africa.

Our Business Model

Remote Insourcing – (Outsourcing to Insource)

Remote Insourcing, (also known as Team Extension) – is a new business model, and an innovative business philosophy that allows clients to have dedicated teams (or employees) working as a true extension of its in-house staff.

Remote Insourcing, is similar to OutStaffing, where one company provides employees to another company – to help carry out specific assignments within set guidelines, budget and time constraints. It consequently allow Clients to increase corporate team with ‘Additional Specialists’ without the necessity to hire them permanently. The Provider takes care of all IT, HR, administrative, and legal issues so that the Client can concentrate on the Team’s Work and Business Growth.

Globally, Companies Insource-Remotely for non-core activities; to allow them focus on their core competencies – while letting the Outsourced performance-experts to implement In-house Practices, and Systems that stimulate businesses to scale efficiently without adding staff!

As a Post Covid-19 Recovery Strategy, iBlocks Africa leverages Innovative Cutting-Edge Technology Solutions, and its robust Human Capital – to create and operate remote Information Technology Teams which, ON THE BUSINESS SIDE, COMPLETELY BELONG TO A CLIENT while REMAINING iBlocks Africa’s EMPLOYEES ON THE LOGISTICAL AND OPERATIONAL SIDE.

We aim at Empowering SMEs and emerging Enterprises in Africa, towards embracing Tailor-made Technology Solutions to help accelerate Business Growth

Valuable Technology Brands

We work with reliable and leading brands in the execution of all our technological solutions, a synergy of our expertise and the products.
  • APC
  • DELL
  • HP
  • Hewlet Packard
  • Lenovo

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