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We are, iBlocks Africa!

A leading Tailor-made Technology Solutions  provider – empowering Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Africa to leverage Homegrown Application Systems in solving complex Industrial and Business Challenges.

Headquartered in Nairobi Kenya, Innovation Blocks Africa (iBlocks Africa) goes beyond the norms of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) to render Systems that help eliminate the various Outsourcing and Insourcing Bottlenecks. Conceptually, Remote Insourcing Model is adopted and championed as the corporate’s preferred approach for facilitating SMEs’ ICT Integrations.

We Strive for Excellence in everything we do; and our Cutting-edge Solutions are built to help deliver Sustainable Value, Speed and Flexibility.

Our Values

As we strive to help our clients solve the complex challenges that they are faced with and turn investment data into financial intelligence with a synergy with technology, there is a set of core guiding values that finds its way into who we are at an organizational and individual level, how we work and the commitment we make to our clients and industry.


Face reality with honesty, courage and accountability


Deal creatively with challenges and envision what the world could be


Build good habits into reflexes which become a part of our life


Committed to the success of others

Services & Products Customizable to Specific business models and industry
Managed Services, Digital Marketing, Enterprise Software Solutions, Customer Support, Cabling and Networking Infrastructure and Dealership  of Main Brands, Technology Design, Development and Implementation, Re-Branding, and Retooling.

Our Drive

Tailor-made Technology Solutions for SMEs

One of the most defining characteristics of a thriving economy, is the Growth and Sustainability of its Small and Medium Enterprises sector.

The Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are widely acknowledged for their Strategic role in the Economic Development, Job Creation and Poverty Reduction – amongst the emerging and developing economies in Africa.

Our Business Model

Remote Insourcing – (Outsourcing to Insource)
Outsourcing Taken to the Next Level.

Remote In-Sourcing®, is a new Business Model which goes beyond the traditional Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) models; to ensuring cost efficiency and close cooperation with Client’s in-house employees.

Globally, Companies Insource-Remotely for non-core activities; to allow them focus on their core competencies – while letting the Outsourced performance-experts to implement In-house Practices, and Systems that stimulate businesses to scale efficiently without adding staff!

iBlocksAfrica Leverages Innovative Cutting-Edge Technology Solutions, and its robust Human Capital – to creates and operate remote Information Technology Teams which, ON THE BUSINESS SIDE, COMPLETELY BELONG TO A CLIENT while REMAINING iBlocksAfrica’s EMPLOYEES ON THE LOGISTICAL AND OPERATIONAL SIDE.

Target Business Segments

We build and deliver innovative products for Corporates and Service Providers that address a spectrum of performance and analytics, risk, data, regulatory and investor reporting needs.

i. Small, and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

  • – Customer Relationship Management Solutions (CRM)
  • – Online Stores, and eCommerce Platforms

ii. Healthcare, and e-Health Solutions

  • – Health Management Information Systems – hMIS
  • – Hospital Management Systems
  • – Tele-Medicine
  • – e-Doctors

iii. Education, and e-Learning (m-Learning, i-Learning, etc) Solutions

  • – Education Management Information Systems, e-MIS
  • – School/College Management Information Systems, s-MIS
  • – Students Management Information Systems – College/University ERPs
  • – Learning Portals (e-Learning, m-Learning, i-Learning)
  • – Online/Mobile Fee Payment Systems

iv. Engineering, and Manufacturing

  • – Automating Industrial, and manufacturing processes to enhance Quality and Productivity.
  • – Solutions Modelling, and Design Engineering (Computational Fluid Dynamics)
  • – Animations, and Process Modelling
  • – Internet of Things, and Big Data Analytics

v. Logistics, and Parcels Delivery Applications

  • – (Online) Delivery Management Systems/Software/Applications
  • – Mobile Parcels-Tracking Applications
  • – Online Stores, and e-Commerce Platforms

Partnership Opportunity

I came to learn that some companies are hesitant to work with large market ICT firms because their services are impersonal.

They feel that executives in large firms are too busy with other clients to give their work the required attention. iBlocks Africa, and Smaller agencies alike, do ensure that their esteemed clients get full attention, right from the CEO to the Technicians.

In addition, there has been a move by the development sector to spread their budgets between large multinationals and emerging local companies. This is a great way to empower local Technology Companies.

Message From Co-Founders & Directors

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Experiences in Outsourcing Industry shows that, too often, Low-Risk options are Expensive, and Low-Cost options are too risky!
In order to offer something different that would combine the best of both models, Technology Industry Experts deliberatively root for ‘Remote Insourcing Model’ as new paradigm to help eliminate all Outsourcing Risks while providing cost effective solutions to clients.
An insourced capability becomes a natural extension to the business and takes away the artificial boundaries of “them and us”. There are no contracts to address before enabling a change and they get to deal with the same resources who understand the business and offer incremental value.
Come journey with us!

Co-Founder, and Ag. Managing Director

Paul O. Akong’o

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Businesses in Africa are becoming increasingly dependent on Technology Solutions to compete and differentiate, and they expect a certain degree of pace and flexibility from IT Organizations.
Having an in-house Team to develop your product provides immense Leverage and Business Agility – You own and manage the talent you build in-house. They are solely committed to working with you. They won’t mind it when you change the operational strategy or take a U-turn on something.
Therefore, you would dramatically reduce project lead times through our simplified operating model and Great Internal Technical Capability.
Partner with us, and Leverage our world-class resources and Innovative Technology Solutions!

Co-Founder, and Director Technology Engineering

Dr. Ernest O. Amollo (Phd)

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Is Your Technology Ready for the New Digital Reality?

COVID-19 has cast a clear and somber spotlight on the urgent need for resilience and digital capabilities. More than ever, businesses must be able to react to sudden and dramatic changes in their supply chains and customer interactions.

Expectations for businesses, employees, and consumers have no option, but to shift with remarkable speed, and further support employees who are working from home?

In response, iBlocks Africa advocates for Leveraging of Tailor-made Technology Solutions to help Small and Medium Businesses get back to their feet, and subsequently accelerate Enterprises Digital Future for Sustainability.

Co-Founder & Director – Business Development

Joel Odongo

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