Innovative Technology Solutions

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Innovative Technology Solutions

One of the most defining characteristics of a thriving economy, is the Growth and Sustainability of its Small and Medium Enterprises sector. The Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are widely acknowledged for their Strategic role in the Economic Development, Job Creation and Poverty Reduction – amongst the emerging and developing economies in Africa. In a bid to help stimulate SMEs growth in the sub-Saharan Africa, iBlocksAfrica roots for the adoption of Tailor-made Technology Solutions – to help stimulate Business Regeneration, and Innovations for Enterprise Africa.

Why - Tailor-Made Software Solutions
Imagine that you are developing a system or platform that should be tailored to your specific customers’ needs. If a product is not limited by settings, but it is necessary to modify or add basic functionality, you have to conduct a parallel development.

Customized software is an individual solution for a specific business, depending on the customer’s needs. This software development is crucial when the customer’s business needs more to achieve success. This cover expanding the main functionality or creating a unique solution for daily tasks. It gives a special advantage because the application is compliant with the competitive requirements of the company and strengthens the work of each separate department including financial, marketing, sales department, etc.

In simple terms, customized software is designed for a wide range of tasks depending on the business model. For example, some products are aimed at performing one specific business task. A customized solution can include several modules, each responsible for a specific field and adapted to the client’s needs.

Examples of customized software

Software, and Mobile Apps’ Development
Business Process Automation Systems (BPAs)
Customer Relationship Management Systems (CRMs)
E-commerce, and Online Stores Solutions
Management Information Systems (MIS)
Data Management tools
Main Features of Tailor-Made (Customized) Software

i. Personalized Approach

As business is constantly growing, it requires additional modifications. They are rather hard to implement while having chosen a general-purpose software recently as it is not flexible enough. In this case, the professional team helps create a highly optimized and unique business solution according to the requirements.

ii. Cost-effectiveness

Ready built software needs standing costs. By developing a customized solution, you get a wide range of functions and operate on a complete program pack in one product. Expenses for additional functionality are excluded. In this case, the return on investment gives a better result than the general-purpose solution.

iii. No excess functions

As a rule, the development of such a product requires a deep analysis of your business. The modular structure allows you to compose a set of functions suitable for your departments’ work. Thus, you pay only for what your business needs. Moreover, the software flexibility allows you to expand the functionality with new extra features at any time.

iv. Reliable Security, Devoid of Hacking.

When buying a universal solution, be prepared that this software is more vulnerable to hacking. Moreover, the availability of multiple users increases the level of system hacking and data leakage). Individually designed software is used only by your team, and the likelihood of intrusion is minimized. Hackers prefer cracking universal software because it is easier for them to know its vulnerabilities than to spend time studying the customized one.

Software development allows you to use the latest techniques to meet your business needs. The choice of a specific software product model depends on your business specs. General-purpose solutions cover a set of the most common functions. The tailor-made one allows you to stand out for the individual approach for business processes and tasks.

If you are looking for such a solution or have fresh ideas, our team is ready to develop an individual, high-quality and reliable comprehensive product for you!

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