Technology Infrastructure

Innovation Blocks Africa - Accelerating SMEs Digital Future

Technology Infrastructure

Technology  infrastructure are the components required to operate and manage enterprise IT environments. IT infrastructure can be deployed within a cloud computing system, or within an organization’s own facilities.

iBlocksAfrica is committed to providing latest technology products and comprehensive solutions from end user devices to complete business and network infrastructures.  From the most basic home printer or a personal laptop to virtualized enterprise servers and storage solutions, we have the expertise to understand your needs and work with you to put together the best solution to your needs.

Innovation Blocks Africa - Accelerating SMEs Digital Future
Telecommunications, Cabling and Networks

iBlocksAfrica offers a range of solutions supporting end-to-end network and service infrastructure management. These include but not limited to Servers, Firewalls, Data Cabling, Voice Cabling, Cat5, Fiber Optics, CCTV, WLAN, Network switches, Routers etc

Innovation Blocks Africa - Accelerating SMEs Digital Future
Biometric Systems, and SMART Security Solutions

Identification currently is limited entering a code on a keypad to enter the workplace, a password or a pin number to gain access. This is where iBlocksAfrica  biometric security systems in the security industry, including facial recognition, fingerprint scanners and more.

Innovation Blocks Africa - Accelerating SMEs Digital Future
Computer Hardware, and Servers

At iBlocksAfrica, we specialize in computer and server sales. We also sell a wide range of network equipment to meet any business need you have. Our certified technicians are trained and competent with today’s most advanced technologies

Innovation Blocks Africa - Accelerating SMEs Digital Future
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERPs)

Plan All Your Enterprise Resources, with Easy to Handle & Quick Interface of  ERPs, Specially Design for Small & Medium enterprise. Integrate All Your Business Needs Now. in a software designed to manage and integrate the functions of core business.

Innovation Blocks Africa - Accelerating SMEs Digital Future
Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) connects data to enterprise structure and devices to make the enterprise a smarter place. The Internet of Things service enables organizations to modify their business and transform into a new connecting environment.

iBlocksAfrica experts perform engineering tasks to integrate data for various industries as per standard protocols. Our team of data science is well-versed in IoT integration and network communications.

  • – Adopt an API-First Approach.
  • – Identify Communication Requirements for IoT Devices.
  • – Leverage Cloud for Data and Process Integration.
  • – Selectively Use Traditional Software.
  • – Use API Management Tools.
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